Glacier Mountain Biking Trails Near Bellingham Washington State

Canyon Ridge Trail:

It’s useful to have a guide your first time in the Glacier area and the locals are friendly. 

This ride is one of the few trails in the area that is open to Mountain Bikes. The ride is steep and technical at times but your hard work will be paid off with incredible views of Mt Baker & Mt. Shuksan, weather permitting of course. The ride can be approached from either the west or east ends of the trail and can be done as an out-and-back or a loop. The ride recommended here is an out-and-back that starts from the eastern trailhead and climbs 1,200 feet to a 5,400 foot knob.
Unfortunately in 1990 the access roads were washed out and have never been repaired. Although it is possible to reach the trailhead by bike (you’ll have to leave your car much farther down the road) the trail has not been maintained since 1990 and is not recommended at this time.
Directions: Drive Highway 542 from Bellingham east to the town of Glacier about (35 miles). Continue heading east for another 2 miles passing the Douglas Fir Campground. Turn left on Canyon Creek road #31. Drive 7 miles until you reach the junction with road #3140 (this road goes to the western trailhead). Continue on road #31 for another 8 miles where you reach the eastern (Damfino Lakes) trailhead (elevation 4,200 feet).