Blanchard Hill Mountain Biking Trails in Bellingham Washington State

Alger – Blanchard Hill

Trail Info
About a 1,500 ft climb in approximately 4 miles. At the top you go left to Lilly lake or right to Lizard lake. You can also take other trails that are part of the network. You will also find them linked to the PNT. You can ride over Chuckanut Mt. down to Hwy 11 “Chuckanut drive” but you better lower your seat!! and you will be walking back up.

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Trail Directions
I-5 to exit 240 go east and take first left and follow the signs Blanchard hill trail system. There are two trail heads to choose from. The first will offer about .5 miles of clear cut and drops you out at the second one that will lead into the trees and up the hill.
Trail Length: 10 miles total
Trail Level: Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type: Singletrack

Quick reminder, areas of Blanchard Mountain will be logged beginning spring 2017 unless our state legislature funds the purchase of adjacent lands to protect the core area.  A map is attached to the email. More info can be found here:

Areas within the proposed Core Area to be protected include:
▪  Lily and Lizard lakes and the campsites by each lake.
▪  Oyster Dome viewpoint.
▪  North Butte viewpoint.
▪  Samish Overlook.
▪  About 8 miles out of a total of 11 1/2 miles of trail in Blanchard Forest.